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calming sentence prompts

"Its okay, I'm here."
"I'm not going to leave you."
"Everything is okay."
"I'm going to protect you."
"I believe in you."
"Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on that."
"You'll be alright, no one can hurt you now."
"You're not going to lose me."
"I love you."
"I'll stay right here, okay?"
"Just breathe."
"I'm okay, you're okay, we're okay."
"You're everything to me."
"I don't care what they think, to me, you are perfect."
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"You don't have to be alone."

Apparently my little sister started sleeping. Tonight she came up and took my purse and emptied the contents, including my wallet, Zoloft, and sharpies. And when I stopped her and asked, she gave me a dirty look. After multiple times of asking, she told me she was just trying to put this (my wallet) away. I didn’t know she was sleep walking until my dad came in and out her to bed. I couldn’t breath in was laughing to hard. Apparently I sleep walked as a kid too.

Someday, someone is going to look at you with a light in their eyes you’ve never seen, they’ll look at you like you’re everything they’ve been looking for their entire lives. Wait for it.

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This quote man.

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Signs at a party 🎉

Leo: the host, labels the Facebook event as "BESTEZZ NYT EVAAA"
Virgo: has been planning said event for the past month. Do NOT break anything.
Aries: first to get drunk, first to break something
Capricorn: the designated driver - much to their dismay
Gemini: gets the goss out of every social circle, starts the rumour of the night - knows everyone's business
Pisces: smoking a joint in the corner of the room
Sagittarius: "do you ever just FEEL?" They ask as they take another whiff of Pisces' joint
Scorpio: first to get laid
Cancer: holds back Aries' hair as they vomit
Aquarius: "anyway, here's wonderwall..."
Taurus: drunkenly hooking up with libra
Libra: does not remember this night happening